Selfie Wizard

Introducing the Selfie Wizard. All the magic moments from your event, shared!

This really is the modern day alternative to 'disposable cameras on tables', allowing guest to easily take a selfie, print and share with everyone.


The Selfie Wizard allows your guest to use their own smartphone, tablet or laptop to upload photos from their device onto a slideshow for all to see and to print them as 6"x4" lab quality prints. This will give you alots f captured, informal snapshots from your special event.


How does it work ?


During the day your guests will have taken alot of pictures on thier mobile phones and tablets - they simply connect to the Selfie Wizards own WiFi network and upload their best photos to the Selfie Wizard and they will then be displayed on the provided screen as a slideshow for all to see.


The photos they upload can be any picture on the guest device whether its from the big day, the stag or hen party. This will give you images from your special event which is vertually impossible for a professional photographer to take, maybe its that dad dancing in the gents? or one of the guest playing games... the Selfie Wizard allows it all to be captured, printed and shared with the rest of the party!

We can do custom templates just like with our photobooths, these will be finialised with the person booking the Selfie Wizard


Why hire a Selfie Wizard ?

  • Works with any smartphone, tablet and laptop (as long as it has WiFi and a web browser)

  • No apps or special software to download!

  • Quick, Simple and Easy to use

  • Opitional instant lab quality prints and guestbook

  • Can upload any picture from the guests device so those important pictures taken earilier in the day can still be uploaded!

  • Added entertainment - especially at weddings in the between the day and afternoon/evening reception

  • Informal shots of your special event and associated people etc

  • Fully customisable print templates for the guest and or guestbook (just like a photobooth)

  • Online gallery with the option to download all the images uploaded to the Selfie Wizard

  • Easy to set up with minimal distruption to your event

  • Takes up very little room which is ideal for small venues where a photobooth may not fit

  • Can be conntected to the venues current screens, projectors etc (if this isnt availble at your venue a screen/projector will be supplied)

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